Tom Antal’s photographic legacy began the moment he first picked up his father’s twin lens Rolleiflex camera at the age of seven—and he hasn’t stopped shooting since.

By his teens, he was selling nature and wildlife images at Bay Area art shows. And he chronicled life in Silicon Valley for years before founding Creative i Advertising & Interactive Media, where he has earned a reputation for strategic innovation in brand photography. 

For the last 12 years, he has led a global effort to ensure brand continuity in all marketing communications for one Fortune 50 high tech company—spanning hundreds of countries—by creating a revolutionary product and lifestyle image acquisition program used by 14,000 marketers around the world.

Driven by a passion for rich, vibrant photography, he has shot in dozens of countries around the world—from Scotland, to India, to Italy, to Portugal, to Sweden, to Morocco, to Thailand, and more—capturing product and lifestyle images central to critically-important marketing operations that have saved his clients millions of dollars.

Today, Tom is feeding his enthusiasm by expanding this service offering for select companies and executives for whom only the freshest, most riveting photography—and the brand storytelling they enable—will do.